Friday, March 30, 2012

Medical Marijuana Group Meets In Brockton

BROCKTON--The Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance will host an informational meeting at Brockton Public Library, Tuesday, April 3 at 6 p.m. about its legislative efforts to legalize the medical use of marijuana and protect doctors and patients from arrest.
The advocacy group supports House Bill 625 at the State Legislature which seeks to prevent the arrest and imprisonment of doctors and patients who may prescribe or use marijuana for medical use.
To learn more about the group, get involved, or RSVP for the meeting, contact the group at or call 508-410-1547, or visit the group's website at

Gomes Named Brockton's Permanent PD Chief

BROCKTON--Mayor Linda M. Balzotti announced today that interim Police Chief Emanuel Gomes has been appointed permanent chief of the Brockton Police Department, effective March 30.
“Over the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to observe the policies, procedures, and actions taking place at the Brockton Police Department under Gomes’ leadership,” Balzotti said in prepared statement.
“It has reinforced my belief that he has the skills, knowledge, compassion, and commitment necessary to successfully lead the Brockton Police Department,” she said.
Gomes, a 25-year veteran of the police department, was appointed interim chief on February 10th. He replaced retiring Chief William Conlon.
“It’s an honor to have been asked to be interim Chief, and I consider an even greater honor to be asked to lead the department on a permanent basis,” Gomes said in the statement.
“Per capita, the Brockton Police Department is the hardest working department in the Commonwealth, it’s a great department represented by the finest men and women in law enforcement on a daily basis,” he added.

Prayers A Constant For Injured Brockton High Student

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—School officials have added a new crossing guard and are seeking other steps to prevent a similar near fatal accident at Brockton High’s entrance on Belmont like the one that has 16-year-old Redondo Constant struggling to recover from severe internal injuries after a van plowed into the teen before school Tuesday.
“We’re all praying for him,” said Michael Thomas, executive director of the district’s office of operations and administration who was headmaster of the high school’s Azure House where Thomas got know Constant.
“I know him very well—he’s a happy-go-lucky kid. He has a good sense of humor and is very popular…we’re all in shock and we’re all pulling for him,” he said.
Thomas said in his 20 years working for the school department he is unaware of a student suffering such a catastrophic accident as the one Redondo has suffered.
On Tuesday at about 6:45 a.m. officials said a white utility van driven by 20-year-old Jose Tacuri smashed into Constant as he tried to cross Belmont Street from the high school entrance to McDonald’s—a popular spot for students before and after school.
Officials said Constant headed into the busy 6-lane street and into a crosswalk despite the green light that allowed traffic the right of way heading east to west.
He was nearly halfway across the thoroughfare when Tacuri’s van smashed into Constant and sent him sprawling horribly 30-feet into the air.
Numerous people who saw what happened immediately called 911 and began to help the prostrate student.
Constant’s injuries were so severe, rescue personnel wanted to fly Constant by helicopter to Boston Medical Center, but because of high winds helicopters could not fly, and Constant was raced by ambulance with life-threatening internal injuries and a broken arm.
Officials in contact with Constant’s family said he is listed in stable but critical condition and has been placed in a drug-induced coma to aid in the healing process.
Officials said Thursday Constant showed signs of improvement.
The driver of the van, Tacuri, faces a charge of driving without a license.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brockton Police Log Updated To...

BROCKTON--Wednesday, March 28, 2012. To view click Brockton Police Patch at right or click here...

126-Acre Brockton Audubon Land Now In Hands Of Wildlands Trust

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—The Wildlands Trust is set to bring new life to a 126-acre preserve of forest land and trails behind the Hancock Elementary School that was once a well-walked sanctuary owned by the Brockton Audubon Society.
“We’re really excited that the transfer of ownership has finally been completed,” said Karen Grey, executive director of for-the-moment Duxbury-based Wildlands Trust Inc.
Grey, a 1981 graduate of Brockton High School, joked that not many people are aware there was once a vibrant and active Audubon chapter in the city of Brockton—something the Wildlands Trust hopes to change.
Grey said the transfer of ownership began about 2 years ago several years after she learned about the property when she began working for Wildlands Trust.
Through residents, city officials and the two remaining trustees of the dormant Brockton Audubon Society, Grey said the trust began working to transfer ownership, and after miles of red tape, court proceedings and approval from the state Attorney General’s Office, the land passed into the hands of the trust on March 15.
“We are pleased and proud to be taking on the vast responsibility of protecting this land forever for the people of Brockton,” Grey said.

WWII Juke Box '44 Dance Tribute Friday Night

BROCKTON--Brockton High School’s ballroom dancers will host their annual “Juke Box 1944” tribute to World War II veterans on Friday, March 30.
The dance will be held from 7 to 11 p.m. at the VFW Hall, 283 N. Quincy St.
There will be a buffet dinner from 7 to 9 p.m.
The Olde Kids on the Block band will provide ballroom music for young and old to step out on the dance floor and have some fun.
Semi-formal dress is required.
Doors open at 7 p.m.
Admission is free for World War II veterans, $25 for seniors and students in advance, $35 at the door, $40 for general admission in advance, $50 at the door.
Call 508-580-7811 or 508-588-9756 for more information.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brockton Police Log Updated To...

BROCKTON--Monday March 26, 2012. To view click Brockton Police patch at right or click here...

$200,000+ Bail For Walmart Shooting Suspects

Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--Four suspects in a shooting at the Walmart in Avon were held on more than $200,000 bail and police are still seeking a fifth person involved in what prosecutors described as a drug deal gone bad.
Keenen M. Hart, 18, of Main Street, Brockton, who was shot in the head during Tuesday afternoon's melee, was charged with carrying a firearm without a license and disorderly conduct, during separate arraignments of each suspect in Stoughton District Court.
Bail for Hart was posted at $250,000, but was revoked because he has a pending case with Department of Youth Services for possession of a firearm and with Brockton District Court for drug distribution and possession.
Three other suspects were held on $250,000 cash bail.
Those suspects are: Ashley Weiner, 20, of Homes St., Norton. She faces charges of carrying a firearm without a license and conspiracy to violate drug law. She was held on $200,000 bail.
Keshawne M. Murphy, 21, of Father Kenny Way, Brockton was charged with carrying a firearm without a license, discharging a firearm near a highway, disorderly conduct, assault with a dangerous weapon and conspiracy to violate drug law. He was held on $250,000 bail.
Joshua Z. Pierre-Louis, 23, of Hyde Park Ave, was charged with armed assault to rob, carrying a firearm without a license, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and conspiracy to violate drug laws.
He was held on $250,000 bail.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Victim, 2 Others Face Charges In Walmart Parking Lot Shooting

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--As shoppers pulled into either entrance of the Walmart in Avon, many were surprised to find several things.
Topping the list for some was that police and the flashing blue lights of their cruisers were everywhere and a large part of the parking lot was blocked off by tell-tale yellow and black crime scene tape.
The next surprising thing was that the store was still open.
"I saw all the cops and I said I think I'm going to have to go somewhere else," said Javon Costa, 34, of Brockton, who circled the parking lot where police did not have it blocked and pulled into a parking space.
Costa, like carloads of others who pulled into the Route 28 shopping center late Tuesday afternoon were shocked to learn a man had been shot in the parking lot and police were searching the area for suspects.
They were also surprised they could still shop in the store, and noted the building was eerily quiet.
"It feels weird--shopping and knowing someone may have been killed out front," said Colleen Coughlin, 56, of Brockton.
She was relieved to learn the victim was expected to pull through.
"That's at least a blessing," she said.
At about 4 p.m. Tuesday, Avon, Brockton and State police responded to a call about shots fired at the Walmart near the Avon-Brockton border.
Police officials at the scene said one male was taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center with an injury that is not expected to be life threatening. The same man, police said, was placed under arrest for unlawful possession of a firearm.
A second person was taken into custody. 
Police said at least one suspect fled the area and police had located a black vehicle involved in the shooting near Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan.
Police said one person associated with the Mattapan vehicle was taken into custody and along with the other suspect from the Walmart parking lot is expected in Stoughton District Court Wednesday morning for arraignment.
Police did not say what the charges would be.
The injured male, police said, would appear in court Wednesday if he is medically able.
Police said the incident may have been the result of drug activity.
(Correction: The original version of this story wrongly stated police had detained two people associated with the Mattapan vehicle)

First Female PD Sgt., Former Fire Chief's Son Promoted

BROCKTON--Brockton City Council Monday night approved numerous promotions within the police and fire departments, including elevating Officer Tracey Harrington to sergeant--the city's first female sergeant--and Kevin M. Galligan--son of former fire chief Kenneth Galligan--as deputy fire chief.
There was a large crowd for the promotions, however, each of the new employees will need to be sworn-in to their new positions.
Mayor Linda Balzotti's office said a swearing-in ceremony has not yet been scheduled.
Along with Harrington and Galligan other officers promoted were:
Officer William J. Hallisey to the rank of Lieutenant in the Brockton Police
Officer David M. Dickinson to the rank of Lieutenant in the Brockton Police
Department and
Officer Christopher T. Green to the rank of Sergeant in the Brockton Police

Shotgun, Coke Get Brockton Man 20 Years

BROCKTON--A Brockton man was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Boston for illegally possessing a sawed-off shotgun and selling cocaine.
Hector Acevedo, 35, who also used the aliases Hector Garcia and Cuba, was sentenced by U.S. District
Judge Joseph L. Tauro to 20 years in prison, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office in Boston.
The term of imprisonment will be followed by 6 years of supervised release.
Acevedo was convicted by a jury during trial of being a felon-in-possession of a firearm and ammunition, of illegally possessing a sawed-off shotgun and of possessing with intent to distribute cocaine on December 8, 2011.
Evidence presented during trial showed that detectives from the Brockton Police Department executed a search warrant in June 2006 at Acevedo’s apartment at 202 Summer Street in Brockton.
Acevedo was found in bed with an unregistered sawed-off shotgun and a bag containing approximately 52 grams of cocaine that Acevedo had hidden in a stereo speaker in the bedroom was also recovered.
At Monday's sentencing, prosecutors emphasized that Acevedo, while awaiting trial, had engaged in numerous disciplinary incidents at the Wyatt Detention Facility and elsewhere.

Ward 5, 6 Meet Wednesday Night

BROCKTON--Ward 5 and Ward 6 city councilors Dennis DeNapoli and Michelle DuBois will host a combined ward meeting Wednesday, March 28 at the Mary E. Baker Elementary School at 6;30 p.m.
Topics of discussion will include public safety, street repairs, and the Boulders Apartments. Guests include interim police chief Manuel Gomes and crime watch coordinator Officer Bill Healy.
The meeting is open to all residents who are urged to attend.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Braintree Resident Tapped As Spellman Principal

BROCKTON--Cardinal Spellman High School officials have announced the private Catholic School has appointed Paul Kelly as the school’s new principal.
Kelly is the current principal of the St. Joseph Elementary School in Needham.
He has served in that position since 1997.
Kelly will begin his tenure July 1.
Current principal Dorothy Lynch will take on a new role in the admissions department.

Brush Fire At D.W. Field Park

BROCKTON--At about 9 p.m., Friday, March 23 Brockton Fire Department responded to a brush fire located in the woods at D.W. Field Park.
The fire was contained and took just over an hour to extinguish.

(Photo courtesy James Rober)

Friday, March 23, 2012

"Give Me A 3-For," At Taste Of MetroSouth

BROCKTON--"We got a 3-for," shouted Kevin Hahl to Black Irish Grille chef Shaun Shubert, who busily worked to slice and dice rolls of Asian veggie sushi, beef carpaccio and Irish curry apple stuffed mushrooms when customers asked for all three offerings at Black Irish Grille's table for the 20th annual MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce's "Taste of MetroSouth."
Hahl, Shubert, (pictured, top) Kaitlyn Rice and Eric "Bubba" Pittard opened the Black Irish Grille in Bridgewater's Broad Street Pub in January.
Most customers tried all 3 appetizers--going for the 3-for.
"Why have one when you can have three," joked Easton's Carrie Sheehan as she popped the spicy avocado crab-filled veggie sushi into her mouth.
"Delicious," she exclaimed.
Wednesday night Black Irish Grille crew entertained the throngs who stopped by their table and enjoyed the more than 60 others restaurants who served culinary delights ranging from bread-bowl clam chowder, to Alfredo pasta dishes, peppery steak sliders to spicy rice and beans and mini-burritos.
"I love it," said Amanda Wilbur, a 26-year-old Brockton resident who attended the Taste for the first time with her 87-year-old grandmother Phyllis Martin.

Greek Independence Celebrated Friday

BROCKTON--The City of Brockton in collaboration with the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, will host a ceremony in celebration of Greek Independence.
The ceremony will be at 3.30 p.m. on Friday, March 23 at City Hall, 45 School St.
Light refreshments will be served.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brown Heads To Brockton Sunday For Awards Breakfast

BROCKTON--U.S. Sen. Scott Brown will join the Brockton Youth Foundation in honoring local
people who have devoted their time to improving the quality of life for city youth at the foundation’s 4th
annual Breakfast with Champions, Sunday, March 25 at the Shaw’s Center in Brockton.
Honorees for this year's Brockton Youth Foundation awards are:
Brockton Midget Football League;
Ossie Jordan – a youth and community leader for over 25 years;
Kids Take Action, North Middle School – a community service learning group;
Clifford Murray - Principal of West Middle School;
Cheryl Opper - Founder and Executive Director of School on Wheels of Massachusetts; and
the JROTC program at Brockton High School.
The breakfast will begin at 10:30 a.m. at the Shaw’s Center, One Feinberg Way, Brockton.
Tickets for the Breakfast with Champions are $25 for adults and $15 for students.
To reserve your tickets, call Bill at 508.584.2506.
For more information visit

Czymbor Earns Footsteps With Lincoln Fellowship

BROCKTON--Peter Czymbor, a 6th grade teacher at Ashfield Middle School in Brockton received a surprise visit from the Horace Mann Co., Wednesday to announce Czymbor is one of 50 educators across the U.S. to earn an Abraham Lincoln Fellowship.
The fellowship includes a nearly-all-expenses paid five day trip to Springfield, Ill., during the summer to learn about Abraham Lincoln.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Big Banks Come Under Fire In Brockton--Area Protests Hit Streets In Foreclosure Fight

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--Brockton officials are looking to drop Bank of America as one of the banks that handles the city’s financial services--a move sparked by an outcry from residents, their supporters and area public advocates who say Bank of America and other large national banks are decimating Brockton and other communities by kicking out residents instead of negotiating new mortgages to keep them in their homes.
“They not only have ripped the hearts out of us…they have ruined the basic idea of the American dream and the realization of owning a home,” said Leigh Bigger, a Brockton resident struggling to save her house from foreclosure with Bank of America, during a City Council Finance Committee meeting Monday night.
More than 40 residents and advocates attended Monday night’s meeting to express frustration and anger toward national banks like Bank of America, who they say have taken billions in taxpayer bailout money, returned to giving CEOs huge bonuses and, at the local level are punishing homeowners instead of negotiating with them and in the process have needlessly kicked people out of their homes and destroyed communities.
Advocates and residents over the last few weeks have been hitting the streets of Brockton, New Bedford, Fall River, Lawrence, Lynn and other Massachusetts cities and towns that have been hard hit by the mortgage crisis.
Brockton Interfaith Community, or BIC, has joined forces with City Life, a Boston-area advocacy group and a recently formed Brockton Bank Tenant Association to raise awareness of individual, regional and national problems associated with the mortgage crisis—a problem they say has become worse with the banks’ bailout.
A vigil was held Monday, March 12 at 267 Howard St. in support of Luckner Vernet, who has worked with a nonprofit to buy his house and then turn around and resell it to him at current market value—about $150,000 less than he bought it--and avoid foreclosure and allow him to stay in his house.
Chase Bank, who eventually bought Vernet’s mortgage from a struggling lender refuses to negotiate or help with the plan.
Vernet, who attended Monday’s finance committee meeting, said Chase will not respond to any entreaties and is moving ahead with foreclosure and plans to auction the house.
Vernet said instead, Chase intends to kick him, his wife and their two children out of the house and sell it at auction.
“They want to punish us,” Vernet said. “They won’t sell it to the non-profit who will sell it to me at a cost I can pay. They want it to be empty and ruin the neighborhood and me and my family’s life,” he said.

Gaming Board Picks Finalized, Casino Bids Next

BOSTON--Governor Deval Patrick, Attorney General Martha Coakley and Treasurer Steve Grossman have announced the final two appointments to the newly formed Massachusetts Gaming Commission.
The final two appointees are James F. McHugh, (pictured, top) a retired associate justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Bruce Stebbins, (pictured, second from top) business development administrator for the City of Springfield, state officials said in a statement issued Tuesday, March 20.
Both appointees will serve as full time commissioners. Each of the five commissioners on the new gambling board will be paid $125,000 per year.
Officials said the commission will now move forward with its business of hiring staff, establishing an office, hosting public meetings and soliciting bids for up to three commercial casino licenses and one slots facility.
Licenses must be competitively bid and awarded following local approval, under the rules of the Expanded Gaming Act signed by Governor Patrick on November 22, 2011.
Separate from the commission, the Patrick administration has hired a specialized law firm and financial advisor which are currently assisting in negotiating a Native American gaming compact for a casino on tribal lands in Southeastern Massachusetts.
Gov. Patrick appointed Steve Crosby as chair of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission on December 13, 2011.
In February, Attorney General Coakley selected former New Jersey Lt. Col. Gayle Cameron as her law enforcement appointee to the Commission.
Last week, Treasurer Grossman selected Enrique Zuniga as the Treasurer’s corporate finance and securities appointee.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Seuss on the Loose" At Library Tonight

BROCKTON--Celebrate the world of Dr. Seuss with stories, crafts, and more Tuesday, March 20 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in the Children’s Room of the Main Library, 304 Main St.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Stewart Takes Job At Easton's Coldwell Banker


BROCKTON--Brockton Councilor-at-large Jass Stewart announced in an email and on his Website, he has joined joined Coldwell Banker in Easton as a realtor.

In the email sent Sunday, March 18, Stewart said Coldwell is a great company and because the job is flexible he will be able to continue his work as a city councilor and campaign as a candidate for the 11th Plymouth state representative seat.

"In short, my real-estate work is the perfect complement to my City Council efforts, and my campaign for State Rep.," Stewart said in the email.

Rox Talk On Tap Tonight At Finance Meeting

BROCKTON--Officials from the Brockton Rox are expected to meet with the City Council Finance Committee tonight.
The Rox and the Brockton 21st Century Corp. more than 2 weeks ago came to an agreement that will allow the team to continue at least one more year at Campanelli Stadium and crossover from a professional baseball league to the Futures Collegiate League.
Expected to speak during the meeting about the new league and contract with the Rox are John Casey, with Brockton 21st Century Corp., Rox heads Michael Canina and Chris Carminucci and Brockton Chief Financial Officer John Condon.
The City Council Finance Committee begins at 7 p.m. tonight and will be held at City Hall.
The meeting is open to the public.

Brockton B-Ball Shows Mettle In Finals Loss

By Lisa E. Crowley
WORCESTER--In a 21-point loss Brockton High’s boys basketball team took the second place medal in the MIAA Div. 1 Championship, a finish that wasn’t hoped for, but one that showed a different type of mettle for Brockton’s boys.
Being second is hard to swallow.
It stinks actually, but after a tenacious battle in Saturday’s state finals, Brockton saw their title hopes sink behind Springfield Central’s pinpoint perimeter shooting and foul line give-me’s that led the Golden Eagles to a 67-46 victory--its first state championship since 1991.
While Brockton had to eat second place—they did so with dignity and grace.
There were no tantrums, and while some players hung their heads in dejection and others received hugs from family and friends, in all Brockton took the loss well.
As they should have.
It was a great run, by a group of young men Brockton High Principal Susan Szachowicz has called a great group of athletes, who are not only leaders on the court, but also in the hallways and corridors of Brockton High School who take sports, academics and their community seriously.
“They are a wonderful group of young men,” Szachowicz said.
During the season, the Boxers went 19-2, a mark few in the division expected.  When the season opened,  Brockton was unseeded.
At the end of the season, the team was the #1 seed in the South section of the Div. 1 tournament. 
They almost made the top seed stick—rolling into the state final behind an overtime win against Madison Park. 
However, Springfield Central was the #1 seed in Div. 1 Western division. 
After a 19-1 season, the Golden Eagles capped it’s incredible season with an offensive takeover that began in the third quarter Saturday night and decided the game was decided by the middle of the fourth quarter.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

BROCKTON--St. Patrick's Day is one of fun, frolic and celebration.
While you are eating corned beef cabbage, watching Irish step dancers, drinking green or other colored beer, here are a few facts about St. Patrick's Day.

Erin Go Bragh!!

1.St. Patrick was not Irish. He was from Wales.

2.The humble shamrock was originally a teaching tool. St. Patrick is said to have used the three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit--to the pagan Irish.

3.The first St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in New York in 1766.

4.For many years, blue was the color most often associated with St. Patrick. Green was considered unlucky. St. Patrick’s blue was considered symbolic of Ireland for many centuries and the Irish Presidential Standard is still blue.

5.For many years, Dripsey in County Cork had the world’s shortest parade, just 23.4 metres (77 feet) between two pubs – The Weigh Inn and The Lee Valley. Currently, the town of Hot Springs, Arkansas claims to have the shortest parade – a 30-metre (98 feet) route on Bridge Street. Recent participants included the Irish Elvises and the San Diego Chicken.

6.In 2010, the Sydney Opera House went green to mark the 200 year anniversary of St. Patrick’s Day. In Sydney, St Patrick’s Day was first marked on 17 March 1810, when Lachlan Macquarie, the Governor of New South Wales, provided entertainment for Irish convict workers.

7.Irish flee the country. On 17th March in Ireland you’ll find many public figures, musicians and dancers have traveled abroad to work on lucrative gigs elsewhere. Politicians also travel to drum up trade.

8.In Chicago every year, the Plumbers Local 110 union dyes the river “Kelly” green. The dye lasts for about five hours.

9.Traditionally, every year, the Irish leader hands a crystal bowl of shamrocks over to the U.S. President. The shamrock grown in Kerry is immediately destroyed by the Secret Service after the exchange.

10.Guinness sales soar on St. Patrick’s Day. Recent figures show that 5.5 million pints of the black stuff are downed around the world every day. On St. Patrick’s Day that figure is doubled.

(Source: Irish

Thursday, March 15, 2012

School Attendance Highlight Of New Brockton Promise Initiative

BROCKTON--Brockton’s Promise Effective Education team will launch a new school attendance campaign, "Brockton 180: Get Schooled All Day, Every Day" with an event Thursday, March 22, from 4 to 7p.m. at Massasoit Conference Center, 770 Crescent St., Brockton.
Organizers said participants will learn more about the importance of attendance to a young student’s future.
There will be games and prizes for youth, along with networking opportunities for parents.
There will also be a free dinner.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mendelssohn Concerts In Easton, Brockton

BROCKTON--The American Guild of Organists Southeastern Massachusetts Chapter will host two concerts this month featuring concerts of choral and instrumental music by Mendelssohn.
The first concert will be held Saturday March 24 at 3 p.m. at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 143 Lincoln St., North Easton.

Boxers B-ball Plays Springfield Central Saturday

BROCKTON--Brockton High's boys basketball team will take on Springfield Central High School for the Div. 1 Championship at the DCU Center in Worcester Saturday night.
Officials at Springfield Central said their boys beat St. John's Tuesday night, 52-47.
An official with the MIAA said while it is not written in stone, if past practice holds true, Brockton and Central will play at 7:30 p.m.
The MIAA official said because other semifinal games are still going in, it is uncertain what the exact time of the game will be until further notice.
Go Boxers!!

Taste Of MetroSouth Wed., March 21

BROCKTON--MetroSouth Chamber of Commerce will host the 20th annual "Taste of MetroSouth," Wednesday, March 21 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. at the Shaw's Center.
This year's event features more than 60 restaurants and vendors, the most participants since the event began 20 years ago.
Along with culinary delights, there will be music and entertainment from the Brockton Symphony Orchestra Quartet, Brockton High School Jazz Band, and "The Silver Fox" George Cataldo, who will sing songs from yesterday and today.


Free Dog & Cat Rabies Clinic March 31

BROCKTON--The Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Mass., will hold its annual rabies clinic for dogs and cats
Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. to Noon at the center's headquarters at 1300 W. Elm St., ext., Brockton.
The cost is $10 per animal for rabies shots.
Micro chipping w/registration: $25.
All dogs are required to be leashed and muzzled if necessary.
All cats are to be in carriers.
Additionally, employees of the City's Elections Office will also be on hand to issue dog licenses.
Licenses are: $20 for dogs that have not been spayed or neutered and $8 for those that have.
*Proof of spay/neutering is required at time of licensing.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boxers Head To State Championship!!

BROCKTON--Brockton's boys basketball team will play for the Div. 1 state championship Saturday night after beating Charlestown in overtime last night, 67-64.
In a close contest, Brockton's boys pulled out the win with tough defense in the final stretch and sinking foul shots when they had to, such as this one by senior William Baker, that helped ice Brockton's victory and sink Charlestown's hopes of a last second miracle.
More pics later tonight!!
Congratulations Boxers!

Monday, March 12, 2012

DJ Henry Video, Documents Released

BROCKTON--Lawyers for the family of DJ Henry, an Easton resident killed by police in New York state after a barroom incident, have released numerous documents, audio and video accounts of the night Henry was shot by officers.
Anyone interested in reviewing the information that has been released, visit the website of lawyers Michael Sussman and Christopher Watkins.
Click here to link to the DJ Henry case.

Waldron Remembered For Love Of Brockton

BROCKTON--John A. Waldron, 54, a lifelong Brockton resident, passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 10 at the Good Samaritan Medical Center in Brockton.
Waldron, the husband of Brockton 21st Century Corp. Executive Director Mary Waldron, who is fighting breast cancer, last week went into the hospital for surgery after a fall.
He went into the hospital this weekend suffering from trouble breathing and other complications. He unexpectedly died Saturday.
Waldron was a 1975 graduate of Brockton High School, and he remained devoted to his alma mater throughout his life. He served with the Brockton Boxer Alumni Group raising funds for the football team, and volunteered innumerable hours for the Brockton High School Alumni Association.
Waldron served as Retirement Counselor for the Massachusetts State Retirement Board for more than twelve years. John cherished his service as Legislative Aide to Representative Thomas Kennedy in the Massachusetts House of Representatives.
It was at the State House where John met the love of his life, Mary, whom he would marry.
John was the proud father of daughter, Casey Angela, who graduates from Brockton High in 2012, following in the tradition of her father.
He loved sunsets down the Cape, golfing with high school and college friends, reminiscing about Brockton – never forgetting anything or anyone.
He was a member of the Polish White Eagles, Brockton Boxer Football Alumni and the Democratic City Committee.
But everyone knew that he lived for his family and would boast about them to anyone who would listen.
Waldron earned a bachelor of arts from St. Joseph’s College in Maine in 1979.

Brockton's Stewart Joins 11th Plymouth Race

BROCKTON--Brockton City Councilor-at-large Jass Stewart announced via email and Facebook he will be third Democratic Party candidate to seek election to the 11th Plymouth State Representative seat. 
In a Facebook entry Thursday March 8 and in an email Sunday, Stewart said he decided to run for the seat after several public meet-and-greets, and a last minute wish from his son Jajuan, who left Brockton last week for Japan and his first tour of duty in the military. 

Brockton Takes On Charlestown For Div. 1 Semis

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—When Brockton’s boys basketball team takes the
floor at TD Boston Garden Monday night, topping the list of strategies to win
is the team’s tenacious defense that has brought them to the Garden’s storied
parquet floor and the Div. 1 South Sectional Championship.
“Two more games,” said Brockton’s William Baker after the Boxer’s 57-48 win over Madison Parker Saturday at UMass.
“It’s not just to The Garden, it’s to the DCU
Center,” Baker said.
The win earned the Boxers the Div. 1 South title and a game against Charlestown to potentially advance to the state final.
The team celebrated the sectional championship, but Baker said the team is focused on the next game and playing the team defense that forced Madison Park to turn over the ball a crucial 3 times in the waning
minutes of Saturday’s match—turnovers that gave Brockton the ball and forced Madison Park to foul.
Brockton extended its lead to 9 by the time Blakely dribbled
the ball around the court to tick off the game’s final seconds and a celebration of the South Sectional final.

Friday, March 9, 2012

71st Strand Theatre Remembrance Today

BROCKTON--A remembrance to the 13 Brockton firefighters who died in a blaze that destroyed the Strand Theatre on March 10, 1941 will be held at City Hall beginning at 10 a.m.
Officials will offer speeches and memories of the fire and music by the Brockton Firefighters Pipe and Drums Corps.
Following the ceremony, participants are invited to a breakfast at Keating Hall, the fire department's union hall, located at 80 Perkins Ave.

Brockton Women of the Year Breakfast Saturday

BROCKTON--The Brockton Commission on Women's issues will host it's annual breakfast Saturday to honor its Women of the Year and Women of Courage Award winners. Among the four Women of the year winners are Janice Byer, longtime school committee woman and volunteer for the Little Red School House, and Ward 6 City Councilor Michelle DuBois.
CLICK HERE for the complete list of winners and more information about the breakfast..

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Hills Maple Sugar Days This Weekend

BROCKTON--Brookwood Farm in Blue Hills Reservation will host its annual Maple Sugar Days Saturday and Sunday this weekend from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Organizers urge participants to put on boots and a flannel shirt and head to Brookwood Farm for activities for all ages, a free ride on the Maple Express Trolley and of course, enjoy the smell of wood smoke as maple sugar is coaxed from the trees on the farm in the traditional way.
Cost is $6 for all. Children under 2 are free.
Brookwood Farm is located in the DCR Blue Hills reservation in Milton.
Take exit 3 (Houghton's Pond) off Route 93 and follow signs to Maple Sugar days parking.
This program is wheelchair accessible.
For more information, please call 617-698-1802 or 617-333-0690, or by email
Registration not required.

BHS Boys B-Ball Takes On Madison Park In South Sectional Final

BROCKTON--The number 1 seeded Brockton boys basketball team will play number 2 seeded Madison Park Saturday at 4 p.m. for the South Sectional Div. 1 final after narrowly beating Newton North Wednesday, 49-44.
Brockton's road to the south final included 10-plus point victories over West Roxbury and Catholic Memorial.
Madison Park earned its berth in Saturday's final by edging out a win over Natick 69-62 and just getting past Taunton 63-61 in the quarter final, and holding off Franklin 63-60 in Wednesday's semis.
Tip off is scheduled for 4 p.m.
The game will be played at UMass Boston.

Former W. Bridgewater Teacher Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charges, Faces 10 years

BOSTON--A former 11th grade teacher at West Bridgewater High School was
convicted Wednesday in federal court in Boston of possession of child pornography.
Paul J. Teves, 35, of Fall River, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography before
U.S. District Judge Joseph L. Tauro Wednesday, March 7 in Boston, according to a statement from the U.S. Attorney's Office.Teves was charged and arrested in September 2011.
Had the case proceeded to trial prosecutors say the evidence would have proven Teves portrayed himself online as the mother willing to “pimp” out an 11-year-old daughter.
After a search warrant, Teves admitted to trading and possessing child pornography.


Police Log Updated To...

BROCKTON--Monday, March 5, 2012. To view click Brockton Police patch at right or click here....

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hats Off To Day Nursery Mardi Gras Madness

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--Eleven-year-old Maite-Abigail Denis didn't mind that she came in third in Brockton Day Nursery's Mardi Gras Madness best hat contest, she was just glad her hat stayed together while she danced up a storm against adult challengers for the prize.
"I was worried that my ribbons were going to come off," Denis said after the contest was over and she took a break from dancing to watch the festivities with her mother Nadege, and 4-year-old sister, Tamah. (Pictured, second photo from top, left)
Maite-Abigail may not have won the hat contest yet, but her mother Nadege said possibly next year because the family had so much fun at Saturday night's party which raised money for the center's scholarships, that there is no way they will miss the event next year.
"This is such a wonderful event," Nadge said. "They really did a great job," she said.
Brockton Day Nursery, a 117-year-old non-profit day care center that helps needy families and single parents, transformed the Shaw's Center into a cavalcade of purples, greens and yellows for the 6th annual New Orleans-style Mardi Gras, complete with jugglers, magicians, a pantomime and a flamboyant, tuxedoed performer on stilts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

789 Stairs Up...Elevator Ride Down For BFD

BROCKTON—It was 789 steps up to the top of the Mellon Financial Center in Boston for hundreds of firefighters, including 16 from Brockton who raced up the 41 story building to raise money during the American Lung Association’s “Fight for Air Climb.”
While some competitors were passed along the way up, Brockton’s team kept going, not wanting to stop and knowing they  would enjoy an easier way down the stairway after the competition.
“Some guys had to stop, but everyone on Brockton’s team kept going,” said Bill Hill, one of Brockton’s competitors. “We definitely took the elevator down,” Hill said with a chuckle.

Youth Summit, Parent Leadership Conference Set For March 31

BROCKTON--Registration is open for the 13th annual Mayor’s Youth Summit which will be held Saturday, March from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at West Middle School, 271 West St.
The event is open and free to all.
“The Youth Summit is an invaluable opportunity, not just for the young
people taking part in the event, but for me as well--the chance to see issues from a youth perspective is a very
important one when it comes to developing solutions for the whole city.
I encourage everyone to take part," Mayor Linda Balzotti said in a prepared statement. 
Community Connections of Brockton will also host the South Shore Parent Leadership Conference at West Middle School from 8:45 a.m. 4 p.m. on  Saturday, March 31st.
To learn more about the 13th Annual Mayor’s Youth Summit, contact Massachusetts Promise Fellow Yves Singletary or visit
In addition to participants, peer facilitators and adult volunteers are
also needed.  
Peer Facilitators lead the youth-only break-out sessions.