Monday, April 2, 2012

Linde Announces Run For 11th Plymouth

BROCKTON--The Democratic Party candidates seeking to fill the 11th Plymouth District State Representative seat is now at 4.
Mark Linde, a life-long Brockton resident, has announced he is collecting signatures to be the fourth candidate on the Democratic primary ballot, which will be held Thursday, Sept. 6.
In a prepared statement, Linde said he is a lifelong resident of the City of Brockton--adding he lives less than a mile from the Brockton-Easton line.
Linde has resided in Brockton’s Ward 1 for most of his life since 1962.
His parents have lived in Easton since 1992. He is married to Teresa "Teri" Linde who shares his passion for volunteer and community service.
They have two grown children.
“My lifetime of involvement in public and community activities shows my commitment to community,” Linde said in the statement.
“All of my community and elected service have been as a volunteer. I hope to continue this commitment to public service as your elected state representative,” he said.
Linde said his public service is extensive.
He is currently the chairman of the Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical School Committee and has served as one of the two Brockton representatives.
He was elected district-wide in 2008.

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