Friday, March 30, 2012

Prayers A Constant For Injured Brockton High Student

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—School officials have added a new crossing guard and are seeking other steps to prevent a similar near fatal accident at Brockton High’s entrance on Belmont like the one that has 16-year-old Redondo Constant struggling to recover from severe internal injuries after a van plowed into the teen before school Tuesday.
“We’re all praying for him,” said Michael Thomas, executive director of the district’s office of operations and administration who was headmaster of the high school’s Azure House where Thomas got know Constant.
“I know him very well—he’s a happy-go-lucky kid. He has a good sense of humor and is very popular…we’re all in shock and we’re all pulling for him,” he said.
Thomas said in his 20 years working for the school department he is unaware of a student suffering such a catastrophic accident as the one Redondo has suffered.
On Tuesday at about 6:45 a.m. officials said a white utility van driven by 20-year-old Jose Tacuri smashed into Constant as he tried to cross Belmont Street from the high school entrance to McDonald’s—a popular spot for students before and after school.
Officials said Constant headed into the busy 6-lane street and into a crosswalk despite the green light that allowed traffic the right of way heading east to west.
He was nearly halfway across the thoroughfare when Tacuri’s van smashed into Constant and sent him sprawling horribly 30-feet into the air.
Numerous people who saw what happened immediately called 911 and began to help the prostrate student.
Constant’s injuries were so severe, rescue personnel wanted to fly Constant by helicopter to Boston Medical Center, but because of high winds helicopters could not fly, and Constant was raced by ambulance with life-threatening internal injuries and a broken arm.
Officials in contact with Constant’s family said he is listed in stable but critical condition and has been placed in a drug-induced coma to aid in the healing process.
Officials said Thursday Constant showed signs of improvement.
The driver of the van, Tacuri, faces a charge of driving without a license.

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