Friday, March 2, 2012

Former SEAL Pans 'Act of Valor' Reviews

Letter to the Editor: 
As a retired Navy SEAL, I looked forward to seeing recently
released "Act of Valor" starring actual Navy SEALs instead of
professional actors.
Like most military veterans, I am a tough critic of all military movies.
I have no affiliation with the production of this movie. Prior to viewing it this week, I read reviews saying that the acting was lacking and some scenes unrealistic.
Since we all value our two hours and $10 and in trying my utmost to not be biased, I respectfully disagree with those reviews.
Considering they were not professional actors, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the acting and almost all of the movie was very realistic.
In a fast-paced less than two hours, the SEAL team hunts down terrorists-a.k.a. "tangos" threatening Americans in a series of world-wide operations showcasing SEAL expertise in parachuting, diving, shooting, and fighting. The very realistic attention to tactical details includes using hand signals when silence was required and reloading
empty magazines from guns and switching from a primary weapon--rifle--to secondary-pistol--when necessary in a firefight.

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