Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brockton Pols Want Banks To Register In Foreclosure Moves

BROCKTON--Brockton's state representatives and state senator submitted testimony last Tuesday in support of a bill that would require a bank or other financial company looking to foreclose on a home register itself as the agency seeking foreclosure within 30 days.
State Representatives Michael D. Brady, Christine E. Canavan, Geraldine M. Creedon and State Sen. Thomas P. Kennedy submitted testimony on Tuesday, February 8 to the Joint Committee on the Judiciary on a bill that has been filed by the Brockton Legislative delegation, according to a statement from Brady's office. 
"This is a step in providing homeowners a chance in a market that has been impacted by less than ethical behavior," Brady said in the statement. "It represents a process that has been followed faithfully by local banks and lenders but ignored by the large corporate lending institutions with little regard for property owners,” he said.

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daniellaprice30 said...

I agree that registering foreclosures would enable the original homeowners to bid for their properties. It's important that they get loan modification attorney to help them out with their appeals.