Monday, March 19, 2012

Brockton B-Ball Shows Mettle In Finals Loss

By Lisa E. Crowley
WORCESTER--In a 21-point loss Brockton High’s boys basketball team took the second place medal in the MIAA Div. 1 Championship, a finish that wasn’t hoped for, but one that showed a different type of mettle for Brockton’s boys.
Being second is hard to swallow.
It stinks actually, but after a tenacious battle in Saturday’s state finals, Brockton saw their title hopes sink behind Springfield Central’s pinpoint perimeter shooting and foul line give-me’s that led the Golden Eagles to a 67-46 victory--its first state championship since 1991.
While Brockton had to eat second place—they did so with dignity and grace.
There were no tantrums, and while some players hung their heads in dejection and others received hugs from family and friends, in all Brockton took the loss well.
As they should have.
It was a great run, by a group of young men Brockton High Principal Susan Szachowicz has called a great group of athletes, who are not only leaders on the court, but also in the hallways and corridors of Brockton High School who take sports, academics and their community seriously.
“They are a wonderful group of young men,” Szachowicz said.
During the season, the Boxers went 19-2, a mark few in the division expected.  When the season opened,  Brockton was unseeded.
At the end of the season, the team was the #1 seed in the South section of the Div. 1 tournament. 
They almost made the top seed stick—rolling into the state final behind an overtime win against Madison Park. 
However, Springfield Central was the #1 seed in Div. 1 Western division. 
After a 19-1 season, the Golden Eagles capped it’s incredible season with an offensive takeover that began in the third quarter Saturday night and decided the game was decided by the middle of the fourth quarter.  

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