Friday, February 24, 2012

Warren-Brown Spar Over Reproductive Health Care Rights

BROCKTON--Republican U.S. Senator Scott Brown and his likely Democratic party opponent Elizabeth Warren are battling via commercials, media releases, and op-eds in news outlets over allowing contraception, abortion and other reproductive options as part of health insurance coverage for employees of Catholic hospitals, universities, schools and other institutions.
Here is what they are saying...... 
Elizabeth Warren's statement:
Consumer advocate and U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren in a statement released Feb. 15, said a Republican proposal that would allow any employer or insurance company to deny anyone access to any health service is irresponsible.
“This is a completely new attack that threatens everyone’s health care,” Warren said of the proposal, introduced by Senator Roy Blunt,(R-MO) and co-sponsored by Senator Scott Brown,(R-MA). "It is an irresponsible assault on the health care of every family in Massachusetts and around our country. I respect the solution President Obama provided last week that ensures that religious institutions are not forced to cover contraception but still makes sure women can get the health services they need. This new bill is not about any of that. This bill would allow any employer or insurance company to refuse to cover anyone for anything,” Warren said.
Warren said the Blunt-Brown bill is different from previous proposals, taking an extremely broad approach that allows any employer or insurance company to claim any objection and use it to deny any health insurance coverage to anyone, for any health service. The company needs to claim only that it has a "moral conviction," an expansive term that is not defined in the proposed legislation.
“Scott Brown is on the wrong side here, standing with Washington and Republican extremists and against the people of Massachusetts--our families, our seniors, and everyone who relies on health insurance to get the care they need,” Warren said.
“This is a critical issue and when he ought to be putting the people of Massachusetts first, he’s not.”

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