Thursday, January 26, 2012

Police Charge Brockton Businesses With Illegal Video Poker Games, License Hearings Expected

By Lisa E. Crowley

BROCKTON—Two Brockton businesses—Patriot Convenience and Joe Angelo’s Café--will face possible license and criminal penalties after Brockton Police said they found illegal gambling video machines at both locations during License Commission inspections.
“We are pursuing these violations both at the state and local level,” said Capt. Manuel Gomes.
Gomes said Code Enforcement Officer Scott Uhlman spotted the video gaming machines in rear rooms of each establishment, and police believe they may have been used for illegal gambling.
“We’re told all the time they;re for entertainment purposes,” Gomes said.
Gomes said he couldn’t say if much, or any, money was gambled via the video games.
Gomes said a full report of the video games will be forwarded to the License Commission, who are expected to hold a disciplinary hearing on each business, if not next month, sometime in the future.
“Penalties could run the gamut of fines, suspension, and even the revocation of the license,” Gomes said.
Gomes said the state Attorney General’s Office would also be contacted for potential criminal charges, however, Gomes said, under most circumstances the penalties that can be inflicted at the local level are often more harsh.
“They can pull the license,” Gomes said.
Joe Angelo, owner of Joe Angelo’s Café on Main and Crescent Streets, said his four video poker games have all the required state licenses and are legal.
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