Friday, January 27, 2012

Joe Angelo's, Patriot Convenience Not Alone In Alleged Video Gambling

Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON--Patriot Convenience and Joe Angelo's are not the only Brockton businesses who have had allegedly illegal gambling video games.
Code Enforcement Officer Scott Uhlman said in an email that suspected illegal games were found at Table 22 restaurant on 22 Main st and Prestige Gas station at Warren ave and Myrtle St.
They have also been found at the Enterprise club on Perkins Av.
According to Uhlman, Patriot Convenience and the Enterprise Club had their machines seized.
Uhlman said businesses who have not had the games seized by the city have 48 hours to remove them or he will file criminal charges in district court.

None of the businesses have licenses for the machines, Uhlman said, however Joe Angelo's Cafe owner Joe Angelo's told his machines are legal, but will remove them anyway.
Uhlman said the games are either video poker machines, "Phone Card" sweepstake machines or 25 cent ledge game.
Uhlman said he found the Phone Card type of games at Patriot Convenience and Table 22.
Phone card gambling allows the player to win prized by playing a lottery, sweepstakes, or other games like slots or poker.
The player buys a phone card for a certain amount of minutes of phone calling which gives the player a receipt or ticket stub. The customer then uses the phone card, inserts into a video game that have surfaced at bars and convenience stores across the state. Any winnings can be redeemed for cash.
Each Brockton business will get a $300 fine for a violation of city ordinance because they are not licensed, Uhlman said.
In June the state Attorney General's Office cracked down on so-called "Phone Card" gambling and internet gambling cafes and passed a regulation that banned the games and made them illegal.
The new regulations were prompted after numerous such video gambling operations were found in Bristol and Hampden counties.

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