Monday, November 14, 2011

Hollow-Eyed Teen Found With Bloody Hands In Weymouth Triple Murder

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—Accused triple-murderer Donald Rudolph, an 18-year-old with a history of paranoid schizophrenia was placed on probation Sept. 14 by Quincy District Court officials after shooting two women with a BB gun from the yard of his father’s rooming house in Quincy.
Today, two months later, Rudolph has been held without bail and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Bridgewater State Hospital after prosecutors and court documents shaped a story of mental illness, violence, robbery and drug use leading up to last Thursday night’s grisly murders of Rudolph’s 50-year-old mother Paula, his 24-year-old sister Caylin and Paula Rudolph’s 52-year-old boyfriend Frederick Medina.
A plea of not guilty was entered on Rudolph’s behalf by attorney John Darrell, who told reporters outside the court house his client does not remember the killings and had to be told why he was appearing in court.
Darrell said the case could not proceed until Rudolph understood what had happened and what he was being accused of.
“He suffers from visual and auditory hallucinations and he’s having them now,” Darrell said.
Assistant District Attorney Craig Kowalski told a courtroom filled with anguished and audibly horrified family and friends of the Rudolphs and Medina,that Medina and sister Caylin suffered from multiple stab wounds.
Kowalski said Medina’s throat was cut and his body was covered with several dozen Beanie Bag stuffed animals—one which was crammed into Medina’s mouth.
While Rudolph’s lawyer told reporters Rudolph does not remember anything of last Thursday night, Nov. 10, reports from police who arrived at the scene and found the bodies tell a different story and indicate Rudolph attempted to clean-up the crimes.
“I’m f*****d, I’m f****d, “ Rudolph allegedly told Weymouth Police at about 8 p.m. when police found him trying to crawl out of a basement window after a neighbor reported suspicious activity at the house at 10 Upland Road.
Police spotted a silhouette moving through the house in a “tiptoe” fashion and while they called for the person inside to come to the door, Rudolph was caught up to his “torso” in a basement window trying to escape.
Rudolph was asked by police to come out of the house.
When Rudolph did, police found his hands were covered in blood.
Officers and detectives did not yet know the hollow and dark-eyed young man they were placing in handcuffs had brutally murdered his mother, her live-in boyfriend and his sister.
Rudolph was asked what he meant by his swear-filled comments.
Rudolph allegedly said, “you’ll see when you go in there.”
Weymouth officers and detectives began to search the two-story bungalow, which is tucked into a close knit Weymouth neighborhood near Whitman’s Pond.
An officer entered the kitchen and found a hammer and knife covered in blood on the kitchen table.
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