Friday, November 18, 2011

Coffee, Clicks For New Kennedy Playground

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—The Kennedy Elementary School in Brockton needs you to buy coffee, ice tea and slushy-type drinks at the Belmont Street Cumberland Farms!
Cumberland Farms on Route 123, or 1205 Belmont St., near Owen O’Leary’s, Starbuck’s, Bertucci’s and the new Panera, will donate every 20 cents from every coffee, ice tea and “Chill Zone” drink it sells during the next month toward a new playground at the Kennedy Elementary School.
“We really need a new playground,” said Jenna Giannoros, one of the parents on the playground committee who helped initiate the fundraising drive.
Parents and school officials are looking to raise about $50,000.
Cumberland Farms--whose Chief Executive Officer Joe Petrowski is a Brockton native who attended Thursday’s kick off party—has pledged to donate at least $1,000 from the beverage drive.
The kick off party also highlighted the Cumberland Farms' reopening of its renovated store, featuring the "Chill Zone," coffee bar and beverage stations.
Lisa Sheehan, another parent on the committee, said the graffiti-covered, more than 25-year-old jungle gym and broken swings now at the school’s playground are not safe for use, and are in dire need of updates.
“As a parent, I would never let my son on it,” Sheehan said.
Sheehan said the Cumberland Farms drive is a big help, and hopes are the total might get to $3,000, although the guaranteed $1,000 is a step in the right direction.
“It’s a $1,000 we didn’t have before,” Sheehan said.
Fundraising efforts began last summer with a golf tournament organized by James Rober, a Kennedy School parent and cable television committee member.
He said the golf tournament was a huge success—collecting more than $5,000 toward the playground.
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