Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Alleged Spa Madam Missing State Licenses

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—Brockton’s Aria Day Spa and two others in Canton and Norwood involved in a recent prostitution and drug raid will not be allowed to offer customers massages after state officials realized none of the three spas have a required license to operate a massage therapy business.
Jason Lefferts, a spokesman for the state Division of Professional Licensure, said last Thursday cease and desist orders were sent to Terry Mussari, a 45-year-old Stoughton resident, who faces prostitution charges after a raid by the law enforcement officials working with the state Attorney General’s Office Oct. 22.
“She had a message therapist license for herself, but not for the establishments,” Lefferts said. “Each of the spas needs an establishment license and none of them had one,” he said.
Lefferts said he couldn’t answer why state officials did not catch the glitch, even after several inspections of Mussari’s spas in Brockton and Norwood.
“I can’t answer that,” Lefferts said.
He said the matter is an ongoing investigation and the Board of Cosmetology will issue a show cause order to Mussari who will have the opportunity with her lawyer, Kevin Reddington, to submit information about the matter and then the board will hold a hearing to decide if an establishment license should be issued for one or all of Mussari’s spas.
The AG’s office also alleges employees at the spa were selling drugs to customers and to themselves.
Mussari has pleaded not guilty and has hired Brockton lawyer Kevin Reddington to fight the allegations. Another woman, Terri Burgess, 31, was also arrested in the raid for outstanding warrants.
Since Mussari's arrest, the spas have shown few signs of operations, and telephone calls to each have gone unanswered.
State Sen. Thomas Kennedy, who represents Brockton, said he wants Mussari’s charges to be investigated by the Division of Professional Licensure even as Mussari’s case works its way through the courts.
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