Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Alleged Drug Theft, Aria Day Spa Employment Connect Weymouth Murder Victim To Brockton Rooming House

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—Had 24-year-old Caylin Rudolph not been allegedly murdered by her brother Donald in Weymouth, she would have been scheduled to appear in Brockton Superior Court to face one count of larceny of a drug.
According to a Brockton Police report, Rudolph was to receive a summons for the alleged theft of 29 Clonazepam pills, a charge made by Wenonah Bowen, who periodically stayed at a Brockton rooming house at 220 N. Main St. (Rudolph pictured at top)
Bowen’s complaint was filed with Brockton Police on Oct. 6, at 6:41 a.m. (Bowen pictured second from top)
No other charges are listed against Rudolph in Quincy or Brockton courts.
“Had she not been killed she would have been in court,” said Brockton Police Capt. Manuel Gomes, who noted Rudolph’s death in the gruesome Weymouth triple homicide was a sad situation.
In the report, Bowen states she worked with Caylin Rudolph at the Aria Day Spa in Brockton, which was raided Oct. 22 by police units assigned to the Attorney General’s Office.
The state Division of Professional Licensure shows Rudolph was a registered aesthetician and Bowen a licensed massage therapist. The state agency does not list places of occupation.
Aria Day Spa owner, Terry Mussari, 45, of Stoughton, has been charged with deriving support from prostitution for activities at the Aria Day Spa in Brockton and two others in Canton and Norwood.
The AG’s office also alleges employees at the day spas were selling drugs to customers and among themselves.
Caylin Rudolph was issued an aesthetician's license in May 2005 from Weymouth Vocational High School.
The license expired on Oct. 21, the day of her 24th birthday.
Authorities believe Caylin Rudolph was brutally murdered, along with her mother Paula, and her mother's boyfriend Frederick Medina, by brother Donald Rudolph in Weymouth on the night of Nov. 10.
Gomes said it often takes several weeks to several months before complaints are scheduled for hearings and in Rudolph’s case a hearing had not been scheduled prior to Rudolph’s murder.
In light of Rudolph’s death, Gomes said the charge against Rudolph, which is a felony, likely will not proceed through the courts.
It is unclear what would have happened to the charges against Rudolph had the summons for a court date been processed completely before her murder.
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