Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Lookin' At Me??

BROCKTON--No it's not De Niro, it's a praying mantis, an unexpected guest passenger in my car yesterday.
He or she, I don't know which, and, yes, I watched it for waaaaay too long waiting for it to, maybe, well, find a friend then EAT IT!!
Of course that didn't happen, but the little insect made its way from my rear passenger window, walked up the side of the car and paused so I could take tons of pictures.
Seriously, it knew I was taking pictures. See its face? It's smiling!!
It was having as much fun watching me as I was watching it.
While it looks like an alien I couldn't help but think of De Niro as it was looking at me looking at it.
I shot more than 100 pics as its spindly, and extraordinarily thin and seemingly fragile legs confidently and slowly walked over the car's roof to the driver's side door.
It then scaled the edge of the roof and sat there watching my lawn.
It wasn't worried about me at all. It just kept doing its thing.
As I made calls and watched it with a tripod and remote trigger I was too late to catch it take off like a rocket to the grass.
After moving agonizingly slow, it shot from the car to the lawn faster than the blink of an eye.
I couldn't see any kind of bug, but according to National Geographic praying mantis can move so fast when capturing its prey with its barbed legs, the naked eye cannot see it.
Maybe it just had enough of yesterday's 80-degree temps and hot sun beaming off the car and headed to shade among the blades of grass.
They eat all kinds of other insects. Moths, mosquitoes, flies, dragonflies,and spiders. While searching for info about them, I came across a website dedicated to the praying mantis hosted by two brothers who keep them as pets.
The thought crossed my mind, but I wouldn't want anyone to put me in a glass terrarium for their amusement, so I just let the praying mantis be.
How can you cage a critter that eats mosquitoes?
Eat hearty my friend!

The last time I saw a praying mantis live was in elementary school for some kind of animal demonstration. I've never seen one in "real life."
I kept an eye on it for a few hours. Unfortunately, a call required I go inside and when I came out it was gone.
Hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Lisa C.
(FYI: Click any of the photos to view all closer and as a slideshow)

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