Thursday, October 6, 2011

Feets Don't Fail Them Ever...

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—Lao Khang pushed a stroller carrying his preschool son Jordan as he led a group of youngsters including his daughter, third grader Britney and fourth grade niece Cyanne as the group walked to the Kennedy Elementary School for “International Walk to School Day,” which had 97 students and more than 60 parents arrive at school via their feet.
Khang (Pictured at top signing in with neice Cyanne) said it was the first time the family walked the ½ mile or so to their school and pledged to do it as often as they can. Until their pledge to walk to school on Wednesdays—when possible—Britney and Cyanne are usually dropped off at the Kennedy by their uncle.
While they have taken a pledge to participate—Khang held out a caveat.
“It depends on the weather,” Khang said, noting Wednesday’s sunny and 60 degree temperature made it easy for the family to join the estimated 6 million people in 40 countries who shed their automobiles and instead walked to their local schools.
Organizers, including school officials and representatives of the state Department of Transportation hope the worldwide observance will trigger a year-long, and life-long goal of children adding exercise into their daily routine and maybe having some fun along the way.
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