Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Campaign Mailing Pits Stewart Against Stop The Power Leaders

By Lisa E. Crowley
BROCKTON—It didn’t take long before Councilor-at-large Jass Stewart’s supporters began calling, emailing and Facebooking him to make him aware of a bright yellow political endorsement that arrived in 3,000 residents’ mailboxes over the weekend from anti-power plant group Stop The Power that most noticeably excluded his name from city council candidates in the Nov. 8 election who are against the proposed $350 million natural gas power plant.
“I didn’t receive it, I guess I’m no longer on the list, but I received a number of (phone) calls, emails and messages on Facebook about it,” Stewart said in a telephone interview Monday with BrocktonPost.com.
“Regardless of how I found out about it, I am definitely against the power plant,” Stewart said, adding he has responded to the exclusion on Facebook and in the media because he wants to make sure his supporters and those inclined to vote for his reelection understand he is against the power plant. >
However, a leader and money behind Stop The Power, Eddie Byers, owner of Cindy’s Kitchen, a Brockton salad dressing manufacturer, said he paid for the mailing and Stewart’s name was left off the endorsement for a reason.
“We’re not going to endorse someone who uses words like ‘contingency plan’ and ‘mitigation,’ as part of the fight against the power plant,” Byers said. “We endorsed candidates who are completely on our side—not those who are negotiating with the power plant people,” Byers said.
The candidates Stop The Power has endorsed for councilor-at-large are newcomer Kate Archard, who many see as a Stop The Power insider, and incumbent councilors Robert Sullivan and Thomas Brophy.
The mailing also supports for reelection the 6 other councilors who are running unopposed and supports incumbent Ward 3 Councilor Dennis Eaniri and his opposition Gerald Conefrey.
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