Monday, September 5, 2011


BROCKTON--In honor of Labor Day we are off today, Monday, Sept. 5.
However, we would like to pass on some information in remembrance of the American worker who has come from near and far to make this country into what it is today.
For those who did not know.....
The first recorded labor strike on the North American continent was initiated in 1619 by Polish artisans and craftsmen who had been recruited by John Smith to help build the New World colony in Jamestown, Virginia.
When the royal governor banned the Poles and other non-English settlers, such as Germans, Slovaks and Armenians, from taking part in the colony's first vote, the Poles--who made the new town's much needed glassware, tar, pitch, clapboard, and other colonial staples--launched the continent's first strike and refused to work--effectively shutting down the colony.
The Virginia General Assembly overturned the governor's decision, and the Poles, Germans, and other ethnic groups were allowed to vote.
The colony has gone on to become the state of Virginia with Jamestown celebrating its 404th year of its existence in 2011.
(Info courtesy "The Jamestown Colony," by Frank E. Grizzard and D. Boyd Smith)

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