Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One Proposal, Two Companies Seek City Water Audit

By Lisa E. Crowley
The BrocktonPost
BROCKTON--Two consultants have combined to submit the only proposal for an audit requested by city officials to review the embattled water and sewer department.
Chief Procurement Officer Michael Morris said Wednesday Framingham-based The Abrahams Group and Woodard and Curran, of Dedham, have submitted a combined proposal to complete the audit--the only submission received for the job.
"The idea, I guess, is they thought it was better to team up," Morris said.
Morris said it was not a surprise the two companies paired up for the proposal because the specifications for submission called for the "lead" to focus on accounting while another area calls for review of engineering and similar expertise.
Also, during a question-and-answer session held Friday, Oct. 22, The Abrahams Group and Woodard and Curran were two of four firms who expressed interest in submitting proposals.
At the meeting a representative from Woodard and Curran said the company was there in partnership with The Abrahams Group. Read More...

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